Philosophy of Care

Introducing the Leveling Technique™

The Leveling Technique is a simple & safe manual mobilization technique that delivers accurate alignment of all 24 vertebrae and sacroiliac complex. Other traditional methods typically deliver inconsistent and inaccurate results. A joint being a fraction of an inch out of alignment can cause pain. Only with accurate alignment can you achieve immediate and comprehensive relief from pain and radicular symptoms common to back pain.

How are we different?

We focus on the source, not the symptoms of back pain. Alignment equals relief. By focusing on patients' ability to maintain alignment, we give skills needed to stay pain free. Our "Leveling Technique" is a safe, skilled manual technique that aligns each joint individually with great accuracy and precision. What to expect at Alternative Back Care:
  • We will align and stabilize the SI joint on day one, then teach you how to align this joint on your own.
  • We focus on body mechanics and postural awareness to keep the SI joint from "going out" again.
  • We train you change bad habits and develop good habits.
  • We carefully instruct proper core and hip stability exercises at your level. We don't believe in "no pain, no gain."
  • We treat the source of the pain, not just the symptoms.
  • We treat an unstable SI joint like any other unstable or dislocated joint in the body, stabilize first. Why exercise a dislocated joint?
  • For over 18 years we have seen success with patients where other methods have failed. Word of mouth continues to be our greatest advertisement.

The Full Circle Approach

The Full Circle Approach is a four step philosophy of care. Our philosophy of care begins with an accurate diagnosis of the source of pain/symptoms. Once we have established a cause<>effect relationship we begin with professional manual alignment in conjunction with teaching patients self-mobilization and alignment techniques to become proficient in reducing or resolving pain/symptoms as needed throughout their day. Being able to maintain proper alignment of affected areas will promote healing of the joint structures. With this approach we see consistent resolution of pain.

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